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About Volumetric Water Meter

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The water meter installed in the pipeline consists of multiple chambers of known volume and a fluid drive mechanism. These chambers are then filled and discharged with fluid.

Volumetric water meters generally adopt a piston structure.

Unlike speed water meters, Kent water meters measure the actual volume of fluid passing through the water meter. The most vivid analogy is like the revolving door in front of a large supermarket or hotel. It can only rotate in a fixed direction. After a certain angle, the fluid will pass through the water meter on the other side. Therefore, the measurement of the piston water meter is more accurate than the measurement of the speed water meter. The measurement error of the flow meter will have an error of ±2% according to the speed of the passing fluid. The error of the positive displacement water meter can be checked at a level of ±0.5% or even lower.

In terms of use, volumetric water meters are generally used in precision industries or testing and testing locations due to their precise measurement effects. Flow rate water meters are generally used for ordinary domestic industrial water.

In terms of price, volumetric water meters are generally more expensive than velocity water meters.



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