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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Water Meter

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AMI is a two-way communication based on the Internet of Things. Provide continuously available two-way communication between the network and the metering device. Support functions such as accurate metering, billing information collection, demand feedback, remote service connection and disconnection. Unlike AMR, AMI does not require utility personnel to collect data. The system will automatically transmit the data directly to the utility at a predetermined time interval.


Advantages of AMI:

1. Because AMI can realize remote connection and disconnection services. Compared with the old-fashioned water meter, it reduces the trouble caused by frequent door-to-door service.

2. AMI enables utility companies to receive continuous real-time usage data. In this way, problems such as water leakage and meter tampering can be detected early, reducing labor and vehicle costs, reducing water losses and billing errors, and helping to reduce taxpayers' water bills. And improve customer service satisfaction.

Shanghong Water Meter is committed to providing AMI systems for water meters. Help more public utilities and government departments to reduce costs. Improve efficiency, integrate services, and create a flexible data collection infrastructure to meet more future needs


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