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Advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet water meters

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Speaking of water meters, they are divided into dry water meters and wet water meters according to the working environment. Then, when it comes to their advantages and disadvantages, we must first popularize the concepts of dry water meters and wet water meters.

Wet water meter: means that the counter of the water meter is immersed in water, and the surface glass of the water meter is subjected to water pressure.

Dry-type water meter: The water meter whose counter is not immersed in water. Technically, the sensor is isolated from the chamber of the counter. The glass of the water meter does not withstand water pressure.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the two water meters:

First talk about the issue of measurement accuracy. In terms of measurement accuracy, there is no difference between a dry water meter and a wet water meter. Even if there is a so-called difference, it is very small and should be negligible. This is because before any smart water meter is used, it must be subject to compulsory testing by an authoritative quality inspection department, so users can rest assured to use it in terms of measurement accuracy and initial momentum.


As for the dry water meter, it is prone to demagnetization during use. This is an individual phenomenon that occurred in the early production process of dry water meters. Now larger dry water meter companies have already solved this problem.


The shortcomings of wet water meters are structural defects: After using a wet water meter for a period of time (especially in areas with poor water quality), the dial is easy to yellow and black, which affects reading. Overflow; when the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the table is large, fog and water droplets are easily generated on the glass, which affects reading; when the weather is cold, the water in the surface glass of the water surface will freeze (sometimes the glass will be cracked), which will make the water meter inoperable, Damage to the water meter.


In summary, there is no need to decide on the superiority and inferiority of these two water meters. Because in different use environments, we should choose different water meters correctly. For example: in most areas of southern China, wet water meters are more suitable because the water there is softer and less prone to scaling, and there is a higher odor in winter, which is more suitable for wet water meters. In most areas of northern China, dry-type water meters should be more suitable for use. Especially in areas with hard water quality, because water is prone to scaling, dry-type water meters are isolated from the measured water because of their counting mechanism. Phenomenon affecting reading will occur. And the dry water meter in cold climate conditions, its work stability and safety is obviously higher than the wet water meter.


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