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Advantages of Lora remote water meter

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At present, many areas still adopt the mode of household meter reading and charging in water use, which not only brings a lot of trouble to the water supply department and a greater workload to the meter reader in water use management, but also causes great trouble to the users in life. Therefore, household meter reading has long been unsuitable for this rapidly developing society! As one of the representative products of water meters in the new era, the appearance of Lora remote water meters not only solves the problem of household meter reading, but also has many functions and stability. Therefore, Lora remote water meters can have sufficient stability both in rural backwater wells and in urban high-rise buildings, which is the most difficult place for Lora remote water meters.

As mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, the most difficult thing about Lora remote water meters is their stability. Because all wireless remote water meters are relatively consistent in function, remote meter reading does bring a lot of convenience to people in all aspects. However, its transmission stability is often criticized. If the distance is a little far or there are enough barriers in the middle, the signal will be blocked, The unstable factor has always been the fatal injury of wireless remote water meters!

However, the appearance of Lora remote water meter has completely solved the problem of unstable signal of wireless remote water meter, making it more perfect with enough transmission distance and enough capacity. Therefore, the application range of Lora remote water meter in today's life will be so wide. Moreover, with the continuous innovation of Lora remote water meter technology, Lora remote water meter will become more excellent in the future and more and more people will use it!


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