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Advantages of prepaid water meters

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Traditional water meters generally only have the functions of flow collection and mechanical pointer display of water consumption. In addition to recording and electronic display of water consumption, smart IC card water meters can also automatically control water consumption according to the agreement and automatically complete the ladder The water price calculation of the water price can also carry out the function of water data storage. Compared with traditional mechanical water meters, prepaid water meters have made great progress. Since the data transfer and transaction settlement are carried out through the IC card, it is possible to realize the transition from the charge of the operator's door-to-door operation meter to the payment by the user to the business office. The user first recharges and then uses water to fundamentally solve the problem of the user not paying on time.

In summary, prepaid water meters have low cost, large amount of stored data, and complete functions. It is the most widely used product in the market today.

SH-MECH brand can provide a complete IC card prepaid water meter system, including water meter, card reader, IC card and software, and because the software is developed independently, we can also customize other languages for customers according to market demand.

If you are interested in IC card prepaid water meters, you can contact me at any time, thank you very much.


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