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Application of LoRa technology in smart water meters

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LoRa module is a wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology. This solution changes the previous compromised considerations on transmission distance and has provided users with a simple LoRa technology that can achieve long distances, long battery life, and large capacity in smart agriculture, smart buildings, smart logistics and other applications. The scene will be widely used.

The intelligent water meter using LoRa technology can accurately and quickly collect and record the real-time water consumption data of residents, improving work efficiency and ensuring service quality. During the peak period of water consumption, the user water information system can comprehensively monitor the state of regional water use, balance the dispatch, and protect the production and residential water consumption of enterprises.

The composition of LoRa water meter includes base meter, LoRa module, data concentrator / base station. It adopts LoRa communication, which is mainly used for LoRa gateway to copy the data in the water meter. The LoRa gateway uses GPRS communication when receiving instructions from workstations and uploading data. When meter reading is needed, the meter reading instruction is sent via GPRS. After receiving the instruction, the LoRa gateway sends the meter reading instruction to the water meter through LoRa communication. After receiving the instruction, the water meter returns the data to the LoRa gateway. The LoRa gateway returns the received data to the workstation. , So as to achieve the process of wireless meter reading.

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