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Application of smart IC card water meter in residential area

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The application and promotion of smart IC card water meter not only relieves the long-term trouble of meter reading and charging in water companies, but also provides convenience for the implementation of step metering water price for urban domestic water. With the rapid development of electronic technology and the demand of semi-automatic charging, the intelligent measurement instrument is the inevitable development direction. This is not only a trend in China, but also a worldwide trend. Therefore, smart IC card water meter will be the mainstream of development.

Types and functional characteristics of smart IC card cold water meter;

IC card cold water meter (IC card water meter for short) is a kind of water meter with prepayment function, which is based on the cold water meter with signal output device, with IC card as the medium, equipped with controller and electric control valve.

1. Type of IC card water meter.

According to the use of cards, there are two representative types:

(1) TM card. TM card is a kind of data exchange card independently developed and produced by Dallas company with independent intellectual property rights. It has specific shaping and reading and writing devices. Interface and reading and writing devices are not compatible with international standard IC card, which we often call IC card. At present, few companies are still using TM card, but there are some applications in a few industries such as access control system.

(2) IC card. IC card has three outstanding characteristics, namely international standardization, intelligence and security. Since 1987, ISO / IEC 7816 has been specially formulated by International Standardization Organization for IC card. Since then, more than ten companies have invested in the development and production of IC card, including Motorola, Thomson, Hitachi, Oki, Toshiba, sharp, AIMEL, Philips, Siemens, etc. IC card application industry has rapidly penetrated into various industries, such as finance, telecommunications, medical treatment, insurance, transportation, etc.

According to the structural form, it can be divided into the following two categories:

1. Integral. The IC card water meter controller is connected with the base meter and the electric control valve in a rigid way;

2. Split. The IC card water meter controller is non steel connected with the base meter and the electric control valve.

Function characteristics of IC card water meter. The IC card water meter has the following functions besides the functions of general intelligent water meter, such as pre collection of water charge, automatic billing, water cut-off without charge valve, mathematical statistics, data query, etc

Charging for exceeding the planned price of planned water;

Step by step measurement of water price shall be carried out.

At present, IC card water meter is widely used in modern residential areas with dense residents. It plays a key role in collecting water fees for management and preventing users from refusing to pay and delaying payment.



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