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Benefits of IC card prepaid water meter

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  1. For the water department, smart IC card water meters can solve the problem of water arrears by residents

The prepaid IC card water meter can realize the water consumption mode of paying the fee first and then supplying the water. For the water company, it can effectively solve the difficult problem of water arrears. At the same time, the water transaction adopts the transaction mode of general commodities, paying the fee first and then using the water, which is also a more reasonable transaction mode.


2. From the user's point of view, the use of smart IC card water meters is very simple.

Users can check the balance of their own water bills by sticking the card on the water meter. For the convenience of users, the liquid crystal display of the smart IC card water meter should be equipped with a variety of prompt symbols and have humanized prompt functions, such as friendly voice Prompt function. Some water meters already have this function, so they should be widely used. 

In addition, the smart IC card water meter should also have the characteristics of beautiful and beautified home. Of course, there should be a certain degree of firmness. It is better to set the alarm volume. The advantage of setting the alarm volume is to prompt the user to buy water and prevent the water from being stopped on holidays. This can help users reasonably arrange the time to purchase water without delaying normal water use.


3. Changed the charging mode of meter reading at home, which is a significant change for users and water companies.

As the scale of the city continues to expand, this will undoubtedly increase the difficulty and workload of meter reading fees. If the water supply management department uses the prepaid IC card smart water meter, it can avoid the waste of human resources and reduce the workload. At the same time, it can also reduce a lot of trouble for the user.



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