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Can Ultrasonic Water Meter Reduce Leakage Rate of Water Supply Network?

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The urban water supply system is an important municipal infrastructure construction. It is an indispensable part of ensuring the convenience and stability of people's lives.

Ultrasonic flowmeter

It is understood that water leakage in the water supply network is not only a waste of precious water resources. It also caused huge losses to the water company.

The problem of the ultrasonic water meter reducing the leakage of the water supply pipe network is not directly, but indirectly through the ultrasonic water meter and the intelligent data system. Calculate the law of water consumption in the pipeline, so that if the water pipe bursts or leaks, the alarm can be timely. Repair the abnormal part of the water.

In fact, the ultrasonic water meter can calculate the "water method" users. The relevant management department has an exception in the "User Law". It is necessary to integrate the system to deal with the abnormal parts of the original and water supply management departments in a timely manner to find out the leaks in time according to the system background and deal with them in time. Indirectly reduce the leakage rate of the club's official website.

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