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Characteristics of photoelectric direct reading remote water meter

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Generally speaking, individual household users have little access to the water meter, and the local departments are responsible for the purchase of houses and check-in of water and electricity. However, the types of water meters used at home still need to be understood occasionally. For example, several water meters used by users now are remote water meters, which eliminates the habit of the salesman's door-to-door meter reading and the owners in many aspects. Today, I'm going to tell you about the features of the photoelectric direct reading remote water meter?


Remote water meter

First, high accuracy of meter reading

This high-quality remote water meter adopts photoelectric direct reading technology, which can directly read the window value in the meter; moreover, it will not be interfered by electromagnetic, and can achieve near zero error.


Second, convenient use

The traditional water meter equipment is inconvenient to use, and the centralized water meter is easy to be confused. However, the remote water meter equipment is convenient to read the value of the window, without setting the parameters of the meter or storing the data, so it is more convenient and practical.


Third, low power consumption

Generally speaking, the professional remote water meter of photoelectric direct reading type does not need special power supply device in daily life, only power on when reading the meter. It can not only avoid the reading error caused by the unstable power supply, but also save energy; and the water meter with low power consumption usually does not need special maintenance in daily life, which saves the later maintenance cost.


Fourth, high safety (no electromagnetic interference)

The safety is fully considered in the design of photoelectric direct reading remote water meter. A special anti click circuit is added inside the meter, and the internal electronic part of the meter is in a non working state in daily use and isolated from the outside, so it is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and will not cause any impact on other weak current systems, with high safety.


These are the four characteristics of photoelectric direct reading remote water meter. To sum up, the photoelectric direct reading remote water meter is convenient to use; it does not need long-term power supply, making the meter reading work more flexible and easier to remote control and management. After installing the water flow metering equipment, it can effectively avoid the waste of water resources and save the time of meter reading. For more information about water meter and its products, please pay attention to the official website of water meter manufacturer.


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