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Development trend of smart water meter industry

Views: 18     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-30      Origin: Site

With the implementation of the system of "residential water price by ladder", there is an urgent need for smart water meters

With the acceleration of urbanization and the increase of water consumption, residents' awareness of saving water and the serious waste of water resources, the problem of water shortage in cities and towns is very serious. The implementation of the stepped water price system puts forward higher requirements for the measurement and collection, billing and charging of water supply enterprises, and it is necessary to realize the goals of timing/real-time meter reading and automatic billing. Through the installation of intelligent water meter, the use of remote meter reading technology, intelligent terminal valve control technology, automatic meter reading, real-time monitoring, arrearage alarm and other functions, so as to ensure the effective implementation of stepped water price.


To strengthen water management for large users and improve economic benefits, intelligent water meters are required for auxiliary maintenance

With the development of urban modernization, the urban water supply user group includes a kind of "large user" group, which mainly includes the domestic water of colleges and universities, the production water of large enterprises, the water for hospital office and administration, and the water for commercial construction services. From the perspective of their own economic interests, it is the key for water supply companies to improve the amount of water sold, reduce the difference in production and sales, and improve economic benefits to do a good job in the management, detection and analysis of water consumption of large users. Water supply companies need to choose smart water meters with better performance in measurement accuracy, stability, data transmission stability and other aspects to enhance customer satisfaction of large users and strengthen water use control, so as to further improve economic and social benefits of water supply companies.


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