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Differences Between Water Meters and Flow Meters

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Differences Between Water Meters and Flow Meters:

It is not surprising to find many people use the terms flow meter and water meter interchangeably. This is because the two phrases are misconstrued by most to mean the same.However, while water meters can perform as flow meters, the latter has additional functions.

Essentially, water meters measure the water volume when the water is conveyed through a meter. Water flow meters are utilized to measure the speed the water flows at when conveyed through the meter.

Another major difference is that while water meters are used exclusively for measuring water, flow meter applications may also include oil, honey, milk, and other liquids for industrial purposes. Also, flow meters are applicable when measuring gas flow rate.

Additional Differences Between Flow Meters and Water Meters:

A water meter has an exclusive function as it is used for billing purposes. If AMR/AMI technology is used in water meters, accurate, real-time, and online data is shown in the meter. This saves the expense and time of reading the data manually.

Water flow meters have a variety of functions in terms of monitoring flow rate. For instance, in gas applications, the flow meters are a necessity and help detect leaks and blockages that may cause lethal consequences.

Water meters have to accurately measure quantity or volume; the high range and the low range measurement. The average between the two determines what reading is correct.

The accuracy of a flow meter is determined by linearity or having designed limits all the time. Therefore, the same results should be shown at all times when measured under similar conditions. Essentially, linearity and repeatability are not that important when using water meters.

In conclusion, while the design of water and flow meters is similar, the differences mentioned above show their difference in function. As mentioned, if you consider water billing, you are referring to a water flow meter. However, if considering a device that measures both gas and liquid, you are referring to flow meters. Also, if you need to measure the quantity of water, what you require is a water meter. On the other hand, velocity measurement is a preserve of the flow meter.


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