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Discussion about NB-IOT water meter

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Hello everyone, good day!

I am Lisa SH-MECH meters, China. We’re a company which dedicated to providing water solutions. Today, I’d like to share some information about NB-IOT water meters. 

With the emergence of NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things technology, the water meter industry has quickly set its sights on the emerging technology of NB-IOT remote water meter. Based on NB-IoT technology, it has the characteristics of wide coverage, high reliability, high safety, low cost, low power consumption, etc. In the field of smart water meters, it can not only reduce the cost of meter reading, but also realize the intelligent and big data management of water meters. Management has very important practical application value.


The NB-IoT smart water meter system is mainly composed of water meters with NB-IoT communication modules, NB-IoT communication base stations, IoT cloud platforms, business servers, client management software, etc. A smart water meter with NB-IoT technology is installed in each household. After it is opened and running, the smart water meter will search for nearby NB-IoT communication base stations and register to the IoT cloud platform, and the cloud platform will know that the device needs to report and receive The data capacity of the smart water meter can be uploaded to the IoT cloud platform through the communication base station, and can also receive control data messages from the cloud platform.


The client management software obtains real-time residential water consumption data from the cloud platform through the business server, and monitors the real-time water consumption of each resident. The client can also perform real-time step-by-step price adjustment control on residential water use, and customize the business server’s data copying strategy to the residents Push monthly water usage and deductions.


The application of NB-IoT technology in smart water meters has the characteristics of convenient implementation, safe and reliable use, and convenient user management. From the performance test and analysis results, it can be seen that the entire system is in good operating condition, stable in performance, and has a broad market application prospect. In the near future, when the NB-IoT water meter technology is fully mature, it will be a major change in the smart water meter industry.

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