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Do you know the history of water meter development?

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3 development history of water meter

Traditional mechanical water meter stage

In the early stage of the development of the industry, most of the water meters were traditional mechanical water meters, that is, the impeller was driven by the water flow to accumulate the flow, and the water flow speed was displayed by the rotation of the dial pointer. The traditional mechanical water meter has the disadvantages of low measurement accuracy, high starting flow, easy wear and tear of transmission parts, weak anti-interference ability, and short service life because it is measured by a simple mechanical device. In actual use, it relies on manual meter reading and cannot be controlled. Problems such as flow are also difficult to solve.

Intelligent mechanical water meter stage

With the gradual maturity of sensor application technology, remote communication technology, and radio frequency technology, as well as the implementation of policies such as one meter for one household and tiered water prices, intelligent mechanical water meters have emerged as the times require by setting up electromechanical conversion devices on mechanical water meters. The intelligent mechanical water meter can realize the functions of data remote transmission, prepaid water, network valve control, etc. With the mature application of related information technology, the product functions are gradually enriched, which meets the needs of water supply management information application to a certain extent, but its core The metering method still uses a mechanical movement device, and there is no essential difference from the mechanical water meter in the metering principle and metering performance.

Ultrasonic water meter stage

Since 2013, leading manufacturers in the industry have tried to innovate in metering technology, applying ultrasonic technology to the field of water metering. Compared with intelligent mechanical water meters, electronic water meters have excellent characteristics such as high measurement accuracy, no wear, small pressure loss, low initial momentum, etc., and the measurement performance is greatly improved; The deep integration of communication technology can realize the functions of real-time flow reading, leakage detection of pipe network, pressure online monitoring, data mining and analysis, etc., to better meet the needs of modern urban smart water management.

At present, the smart water meter products that have been put into use mainly include: electronic remote water meters with electronic devices added to mechanical water meters, electronic remote valve-controlled water meters, prepaid water meters, and ultrasonics with remote data transmission and valve control functions water meter, etc.


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