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Features of large caliber ultrasonic water meter

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The ultrasonic water meter has the remarkable characteristics of high accuracy, low power consumption, wide measurement range ratio, stability and reliability. 

The calculator part is designed for IP68 protection level. It solves the problems of idling of traditional water meters, non-measurement of small flow, and excessive pressure loss. It is suitable for urban water supply pipelines, water intake monitoring, and farmland irrigation.


Its advantages are as follows:

The IP68 design of the large-diameter ultrasonic water meter is designed to meet various complex installation environments.

The large-diameter ultrasonic water meter uses a straight pipe section, which will not cause internal blockage.

 In the installation process, because it does not have any moving parts, the steps are simple and convenient. The main installation methods include horizontal and vertical installation, so there is no inaccurate measurement caused by wear.

 It uses a low-power design. Therefore, the service life is long, saving the trouble of changing the battery back and forth.

The ultrasonic water meter can accurately measure throughout the life cycle, and the accuracy will not change due to time.

The ultrasonic water meter will not be interfered by impurities, chemical substances and magnetic substances.Therefore, it is suitable for the current water quality in China. 

The large-caliber ultrasonic water meter has a lower starting flow rate and a higher range ratio.It can solve the problem of traditional water meters that do not measure the small flow rate.


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