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Features of prepaid IC card water meter

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Nowadays, smart water meters based on prepaid IC card water meters have gradually become the main force of competition in the water meter market. What are the specific functions of this well-known water meter with prepaid IC card water meters? For the major water supply departments, What are the advantages of this water meter?

The prepaid IC card water meter has many functions as a smart water meter. The existence of prepaid, ladder water price, insufficient balance alarm and other functions not only provides more help for the water supply department, but also for all residents. The daily water experience has been improved, so the pre-paid IC card water meter has received a lot of praise from both parties since its application! But for managers such as the water supply department, one of the most helpful features of the pre-paid IC card water meter is that It is definitely a non-prepaid function, because the existence of this function prevents the water supply department from having more economic losses in charging work, which means that it will earn more profits for the water supply department in disguise!

Why does the mechanical water meter slowly withdraw from the water meter market? Because this water meter will cause a lot of distress to the water supply department in many tasks, this is particularly evident in the charge work! Because users can use mechanical water meters Those who pay after using up the water, and those who are not conscious may not be willing to pay after using up the water, causing huge economic losses to the water supply sector. The pre-payment function of the pre-paid IC card water meter can avoid this situation, because the pre-payment function requires all users to follow the payment model of paying first and then using water. Without payment, there is no water available, which is directly avoided. The problem of non-payment of water charges by users has avoided a lot of economic losses for the department! Therefore, the prepayment function of the prepaid IC card water meter is particularly important for the public administration department.


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