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Going deep into customers is the only way to provide good service-Zambia market research

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Last Friday, all employees of the company participated in the customer visit sharing meeting in Zambia. Mark, our salesman who visited abroad, shared a lot of meaningful insights and had great inspiration for various departments of our company.

This trip is a rewarding trip. The company sent the general manager and a salesman to visit abroad. We had fully prepared and planned in the early stage, and the two carried the expectations and hopes of S.H.Meters’ s employees. From the boarding, to meet with customers, communicate with the person in charge, take the project, to the last step to sign the contract. Each step is full of sincerity, taking out all the sincerity, and finally reached a cooperation with Zambian customers.

After returning, we are also constantly reviewing and sorting out. S.H.Meters’s employees have reached a high degree of consistency in their thoughts. In order to do a good job in the market of water meters, we must always stand on the front line, stand besides customers, understand customers ' needs in detail, and put customers ' needs first. No matter how far, how many difficulties to overcome, we will understand the needs of customers in detail, to provide a truly localized water meter products and solutions. At the same time, we will still do a good job in the pre-project R & D and production, mid-term delivery and post-installation problems, quality assurance and other after-sales services, from program decision-making to packaging design, unified professional and efficient service work.

Like S.H.Meter 's values : Sincerity, Altruism, Innovation.We have been adhering to the original aspiration to keep moving forward. Since its establishment in 2013, S.H.Meters has been committed to the production and manufacturing of water meters, and has become a supplier of excellent water meters and water meter test bench solutions in China. This visit to Zambia fully reflects S.H.Meters 's professionalism and innovation. S.H.Meters' s mission is to accurately measure the value of each drop of water. We will continue to move forward and contribute to the development of water measurement industry in China and even the world.


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