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How can water companies with debts, losses and credit crises "turn things around"?

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In 2021, the "loss-making army" of water companies will continue to grow, and many former burning stars are now in huge debts. Today's topic may be very heavy, but it is a proposition worthy of deep consideration in the industry. For enterprises, especially water companies, how should they deal with the situation of debt pressure, negative income, and credit diving? Is there a chance to reverse the trend?

The water industry involves the most basic livelihood issues. On the one hand, enterprises should actively maintain communication with the government and operate in compliance with the requirements of the industry authorities. , and gradually realize its own market-oriented development and transformation.

Since 2021, the continuous release of policy dividends in the water industry has intensified competition in the industry, and sustainable development has been further valued by the industry. Several popular areas have received much attention: first, intelligent transformation of water affairs; second, harmless sludge treatment; The rural environmental infrastructure is seriously lagging behind, and will become a hot spot for industry development in the future.

With the support of policies, seek innovation and change, constantly adapt, do not rush for success, and use the accumulation of technology and the maturity of business to turn losses into profits and turn things around!


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