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How to choose the caliber of water meter?---mechanical water meter or ultrasonic water meter

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An incorrect sizing of the meter will cause the water meter to count water more, less, or simply not count.

Fortunately, the choice of the correct diameter depends exclusively on the flow we intend to measure, which greatly simplifies the task.This data is the permanent flow of the meter or Q3.

Let us remember again the definition of the working flow rates of the water meters:

The working flow rates of a water meter are defined as follows:

Q1, minimum flow, is the minimum value from which the meter operates within the maximum permissible error.


Q2, transition flow, is the value between the minimum flow and the permanent flow.

Q3, permanent flow, is the maximum flow value within the nominal operating conditions, for which the meter is required to function satisfactorily within the maximum permissible error. At this flow rate, generally, the manufacturer guarantees that the meter can work without interruption.

Q4, overload or maximum flow, is the flow rate at which the meter must be able to operate without deterioration for limited periods of time. In other words, it is the value for which it can function exceptionally, keeping the measurement error within the maximum permissible errors and recovering its functionality when it subsequently returns to normal operating conditions.

The key to ensuring the correct operation of the meter is to make sure that the maximum flow that will pass through the meter is as close as possible to Q3.

Let's not forget to also take into account the minimum flow rate (Q1) of the network, below which the meters cannot provide an accurate reading.

The flow of our facilities must always approach Q3, and never be below Q1.

Water meters that run continuously at the overload flow rate (Q4) have a shorter service life and lower accuracy.


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