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How to read water meter ?

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How to read water meter ?

The water meter, being a measuring instrument, is used to determine visually, by the dial, the volume of water passed inside it; it is necessary so, for its correct use, to know how to read the dial. The rolling numbers show the cubic meters -the last to the right is bigger in order to make the reading easier when is coming the next number- The red pointers of the little dials show the submultiples of the cubic meters and, making the transformation of the cubic meter, you can get the reading in litres –0.001 cubic meter=1 litre) What’s more, the little dial marked with x 0.0001 has the double division to read up the twentieth part of a liter, for higher precision (see Picture 1).For example the dial, shown in picture 1, reads a value of 00000 cube meters (the last rolling number is halfway between the number 2 and the number 3, therefore the lowest numerical number must be taken into account). On the other hand, the little dials show: 

dial marked by x 0,1: value 9 (being halfway between 9 and 0), equal to 0,9 m³, i.e. 900 litres


dial marked by x 0,01: value 9 (being halfway between 9 and0), equal to 0,09 m³, i.e. 90 litres


dial marked by x 0,001: value 8 , equal to 0,008 m³, i.e. 8 litres


dial marked by x 0,0001: value 3, therefore 0,0003 m³, i.e.0. 3 litre

The sum of all the above value is : 0.9983 m³ Usually, when reading is made for invoicing, the municipalities take into account just the digits before the comma, I.e., cube meters only.



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