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IC card prepaid water meter technology and working principle

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Intelligent IC card water meter is a new type of water meter which uses modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption and carry out water data transmission and settlement transaction. This is a great improvement compared with the traditional water meter, which only has the function of flow collection and mechanical pointer showing the amount of water used.

Intelligent IC card water meter can not only record and display the water consumption, but also automatically control the water consumption according to the agreement, and automatically complete the calculation of water charges of the ladder water price, and can carry out the function of water data storage. Because of its data transmission and transaction settlement through IC card, thus can realize by the staff to read the meter charge to the user himself to the business office to pay the change. IC card transaction system also has the advantages of convenient transaction, accurate calculation and settlement by banks. The appearance of THE IC card water meter is basically similar to that of the general water meter, and the installation process is basically the same. The use of IC card water meter is very simple, from the user's point of view, is the IC card chip inserted into the water meter.

The working process of IC card water meter is generally as follows: the IC card containing the amount of money is inserted into the IC card reader in the water meter. After the microcomputer module recognizes and downloads the amount, the valve is opened, and the user can use water normally. When the user uses water, the water collection device begins to collect the water consumption, and converts the required electronic signal to the microcomputer module for measurement, and displays it on the LCD display module. When the user's water consumption amount drops to a certain value, the microcomputer module will give an audible alarm, prompting the user to buy water with a card. If the amount of water is exceeded, the microcomputer module will automatically close the electronic control valve and cut off the water supply. Until the user has inserted the paid IC card to restart the valve for water supply.


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