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India bulk ultrasonic water meter project

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India bulk ultrasonic water meter project

This project is for urban water supply main pipeline, its goal is to achieve accurate measurement and leak detection.

Using the ultrasonic technology for water metering utilities gain several benefits besides pinpoint accuracy:
Enables flexible mounting without compromising its performance, whether your pipeline is horizontal, vertical or angular;
The smart ultrasonic meter is resistant to dirt and any magnetic field;
Measures extreme low start flow over entire lifetime compared to mechanical meters ;

lQDPJxbR4DZCCKzNA-jNBLCwBtgBJzVd3zcDWO0dg8BLAA_1200_1000The meter has no parts that wear out easily, hence no loss of accuracy over its lifetime and minimal operations cost;
All of that gives the meter a low cost of ownership;
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