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Introduction & Features of STS Prepaid Water Meter

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The STS prepaid water meter uses a 20-digit encrypted code as the transmission medium. With STS series you are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time. RF STS Prepayment Water Meter System consists of smart water meter and separate keypad, which is defined as Customer Interface Unit (CIU).

With high data security, beautiful appearance and convenient operation, it can be used for residential and enterprise water metering and charging. It is an ideal metering and charging device for the modern management of tap water charging and management department.

STS Prepaid Water Meter Features:

● Meet the requirements of STS standard, high encryption level.

● Valve will close when user’s balance is zero.

● Wireless remote reading and control with Lora module

● anti-magnetic, anti-interference.

● With open cover detection.

● Ultra-low power consumption.

● Balance alarm to prevent arrears.

● Self-check function to prevent valve and storage errors.

● No need to read meter, easy to manage.

● No card recharge, a variety of ways.


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