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Irrigation water meter -- LXXG

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The Irrigation Water Meter has been one of the most popular water meters in the farming industry for many years now, it’s clear to see why!


The Irrigation water meter can take in wastewater from rivers, streams and lakes as well as purified water from sewage treatment installations – while retaining its accuracy!


Crops can thrive with the water that they need and the farmer can keep track of how much they are using. Using an Irrigation meter over a Turbine meter, for instance, will be a more robust and long term meter for your application, this is due to wherever there are foreign bodies in a system – which is highly possible if sourcing from a lake, stream or river… it leaves the meter open to damage and ultimately a pointless meter as it won’t be as accurate. The irrigation meter ensures accuracy and is the perfect choice for farming purposes.

woltman water meter

woltman water meter

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