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Is the AI water meter reading technology born out of nowhere an episode or the main theme of the future?

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Speaking of today's smart water meter industry, from the technical point of view, the design and manufacturing technology of a new generation of smart water meters are gradually becoming mature. , and gain market recognition and acceptance.

Driven by a series of policies, water meter products have evolved and developed towards higher standards and intelligence, and accelerated the update speed. As an important link in the development of smart water affairs, high-speed and accurate meter reading technology has also become an important part of deep penetration in the industry. Due to the low penetration rate of smart water meters in my country, it has given some new opportunities for technology. For example, AI meter reading technology has entered the field of view of meter people...

What is an AI meter reader?

The so-called AI meter reader is to install a collection terminal on instruments such as water and electricity, transmit the dial photos to the cloud platform through a wireless network, and automatically identify the meter readings. , to promote the process of instrument intelligence in a low-cost and high-efficiency way.

Today, the AI solution can accurately identify and read the readings in the photos of the water meter. Combined with the field APP intelligent meter reading system, the traditional manual meter reading mode has been successfully upgraded to AI meter reading. Save tens of millions of labor costs: water meters are no longer completely dependent on manual labor, especially water meters are generally installed in hidden locations, and it is often difficult to see clearly by relying on human eyes alone. Intelligent recognition by taking pictures can replace human eye recognition, from manual meter reading to AI. Meter reading can help the industry save tens of millions of labor costs.

The AI meter reader, as an additional accessory, did not improve the accuracy of the meter. Therefore, many people in the industry expressed their disapproval of this technology, believing that AI meter reading technology can only play a certain transitional role in the popularization of smart water/gas meters. With the further advancement of the implementation and application of a new generation of smart water meters, the future of AI meter reading technology in the water/gas meter market may not be easy.


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