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Large-caliber ultrasonic water meter can prevent leakage and alarm

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The urban water supply system is an important municipal infrastructure construction. It is an indispensable part of ensuring the convenience and stability of people's lives.


In the process of urban water supply construction, the leakage of water supply pipe network is an important problem to be paid attention to in water supply system construction.

With the appearance of ultrasonic water meter, the leakage problem of water supply pipe network has been greatly improved.

Ultrasonic water meter is a kind of using ultrasonic principle. By monitoring the time difference caused by the speed change of the ultrasonic beam propagating in the water countercurrent. In order to obtain a water meter with ultrasonic flow.

Compared with traditional mechanical water meters, it has many advantages. At present, judging from the use of ultrasonic water meters. Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, it can reduce the leakage rate of the water supply pipe network.

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