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Liquid flow standard devices

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Liquid flow standard devices

Liquid flow standard devices are widely used in the experimental and verification devices of liquid flow meters, especially for flow meter manufacturers, where there are a large number of meter verification and product development experiments, and a set of efficient and reliable liquid flow standard devices are produced for them. Activities are of great significance. In industrial applications, the flow standard device must not only have sufficient accuracy and reliability, but also have a relatively high verification efficiency. Factors such as the construction cost of the device, the operating cost, and the technical requirements of the operators must also be considered. Traditional liquid flow standard devices are mostly based on mass method and volume method. The flow source depends on the pump to provide flow, but the flow is pulsating, the flow stability is poor, and the flow point adjustment is not accurate. However, with the flow measurement and testing technology With the rapid development of these devices, these devices have not been able to meet the requirements well. 


In order to meet the requirements of liquid flowmeter verification, calibration, factory inspection and the growing trend of new flowmeter production, our company designed and manufactured an active piston liquid flow standard device using water as the medium. This standard device is unique in design and its basic working principle It compares the volume flow of the fluid discharged by the piston with the volume flow of the tested flowmeter in a certain time interval. The volume of the fluid discharged by the piston is obtained by the product of the cross-sectional area of the piston cylinder and the displacement of the piston. Driven by the servo motor, it reduces the disturbance to the liquid flow. It has many advantages such as stability and reliability, good repeatability, high degree of automation, and simple operation. It avoids the shortcomings of the start-stop effect or the commutator effect of the traditional liquid flow standard device. Conducive to improving the level of measurement uncertainty. The device also has the characteristics of self-contained, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, no need to build a pool, no need to put forward special structural requirements for the building, and is very suitable for production testing and product development testing of small flow meters.


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