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LoRa water meter management system brief introduction

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LoRa Data concentrator features:

1.Suitable for Intensive installation of LoRa water meters;

2.Require External power supply to ensure the normal operation ;

3.For one LoRa data concentrator:

1)The maximum carrying capacity of a single concentrator is 500 nos. Considering the actual installation density of the community, it will generally be lower than this number,about 200-300nos.

2)The communication distance,theoretically 1km (straight-line distance,no obstructions) ,actually the distance is about 500-800m affected by the obstructions or signal etc.

3)When area divided,we will choose the best place (commanding height) to install the LoRa data concentrator, then we will make networking for the water meters in the area,so the concentrator can record the data in the area.

Regarding to the LoRa Data concentrator,

Two configuration options as below:


Option 1:

Built-in SIM card module (support 2G/3G/4G )


Option 2:

Serial port server type, based RJ45 network cable plug


This configuration is more suitable for the following conditions:

1.SIM card data traffic fee is expensive at the project site;

2.The installation location is easy to connect the network cable.


The concentrator collect the data from LoRa water meters via wireless LoRa Signal,then send the data package via Lan (RJ45) network to management software. 


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