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NB-IOT water meter

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NB-Iot AMR Water Meter

Recent data show that the number of Nb IOT connections has exceeded 60 million, among which the Nb IOT intelligent water meter has performed well. According to rough estimates, the number of Nb IOT water meters installed, used and to be shipped for installation has exceeded 10 million, ranking the forefront of all vertical industries.

This shows that the application of Nb IOT wireless meter reading technology in water industry has been widely recognized and used by water supply and drainage enterprises. With the rapid development of Nb IOT water meter, the advantages of high security, wide coverage, low power consumption and Dalian connection are indispensable.

So, how does NB IOT achieve such outstanding growth in the water meter industry?

As early as the beginning of 2016, the water meter working committee of China Metrology Association, together with Huawei, established a soft topic to promote the application of Nb IOT technology in the field of automatic meter reading and established a promotion and application mechanism, leading enterprises in the industry to fully understand the advantages and prospects of this new technology, and then comprehensively promote the commercial use of this new technology.

Moreover, in 2016, the water meter industry association formulated in the "13th five year development plan outline of China's water meter industry", which took the lead in proposing to use NB IOT technology as one of the preferred application technologies for wireless automatic meter reading in the industry.

With the support of Huawei, telecom operators and communication facilities suppliers, the water meter working committee of China Metrology Association entrusted the enterprise to start the drafting work of the water meter industry group standard "technical specification for on-site installation, acceptance and use of Nb IOT water meter automatic reading system", so as to make technical preparation for large-scale promotion and application of Nb IOT automatic reading technology.

In the past few years, the Secretariat of the water meter industry and the intelligent water meter technology working group have invited Huawei and other companies to give lectures and discussions on the knowledge popularization of Nb IOT technology, the analysis and solution of problems existing in the use, and the next development trend at the annual industry technology exchange meeting, technical publications and various professional meetings.

The reason why the water meter industry association actively promotes the Nb IOT water meter is that the Nb IOT intelligent water meter has the characteristics of high metering accuracy, low power consumption, wide signal coverage and strong signal penetration, which is incomparable to the traditional 2G and Bluetooth, Wi Fi and other short-distance transmission technologies.


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