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NB-IOT water meter introduction and precautions

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Our lives are inseparable from water. In the case of global water shortages, we need water meters to measure in order to cherish domestic water. With the development of the times, every industry is a qualitative leap, and water meters are no exception. From the traditional door-to-door meter reading fee to the current wireless remote water meter, the Internet of Things water meter (NB-IoT) has been widely used. Do you know how to realize remote management of NB-IoT water meter?

Let’s talk specifically about the Internet of Things water meter (NB-IoT). It is a self-developed wireless remote communication water meter. It uses the NB base station laid by the carrier to communicate with the built-in NB module of the water meter, and the water data is passed through the base station. Send it to the open platform of the communication company to realize the device connection. The whole system is composed of the IoT management system platform, the NB base station, and the Internet of Things water meter (NB-IoT). The system has a high degree of automation and actively uploads data once a day. The specific upload frequency can be set according to management requirements, and the operation and usage of the water meter can be monitored at any time, with a wide range of applications.

Low power consumption is an important indicator of IoT water meters, especially for those occasions where it is not easy to replace the battery. If battery-powered water meters are used, it is definitely unrealistic. The IoT NB-IoT module has a small amount of data and a small rate. Function, so the power consumption of the NB-IoT module can be very small. The Internet of Things water meter (NB-IoT) has a built-in 6-year communication fee, and there is no need to renew it midway, so you can use it with confidence.


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