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Nb-iot leads the era of intelligent water Internet of things

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Nb-iot, or narrowband Internet of things, is an innovative technology. It supports massive connectivity, deep coverage, ultra-low power consumption, low cost, stability and reliability. These five unique advantages make it very suitable for sensor, measurement, monitoring and other Internet of things applications. Therefore, it can be used in intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, vehicle tracking, logistics monitoring, intelligent agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, intelligent wearing, intelligent family, intelligent community and other fields that have very strict requirements on environment and energy consumption, even 2G / 3G / 4G, which is widely used in business, cannot match. Many people compare it with Wi Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other wireless technologies. In fact, they are not at the same level. Nb-iot can better achieve stable and reliable information transmission over a long distance and wide area.


In June this year, nb-iot technical protocol was approved by 3GPP wireless access network (RAN) technical specification group meeting. The approval of this agreement will supplement the blank of low-speed and high coverage Internet of things technology, and become the standard way of communication in the future. The landing of Internet of things industry creates conditions for the construction of smart city and industrial manufacturing. The nb-iot will enter the commercial stage after the performance standard is established in September and the continuous test is completed in December.


Nb-iot ecology is taking shape in an unstoppable situation. As a powerful tool to deal with many challenges in the new era of the Internet of things, nb-iot will also trigger a new era of the whole intelligent water meter Internet of things. Nb-iot brings huge business opportunities for the water meter industry. Nb-iot makes meter reading stable and reliable. It is directly deployed in GSM, UMTS or LTE networks, and can be reused with existing network base stations, reducing costs and upgrading. It does not occupy the existing network voice and data bandwidth, but also ensures the stability of traditional and Internet of things business. For example, in the application of intelligent meter reading, Nb IOT can guarantee 99% accuracy of data compared with wired PLC.


Nb-iot has a deep coverage of the environment. The coverage rate is 100 times higher than LTE, which can be realized even in places where signals are hard to reach, such as underground pipelines and mountains, greatly improving the function of remote control.


Nb-iot has ultra-low power consumption for energy. Low power consumption is an important index in the application of Internet of things, especially in some occasions where it is inconvenient to replace batteries. In order to ensure the national standard life of water meter, nb-iot low power consumption can reach the quality standard.


Nb-iot reduces costs. Low speed, low power consumption and low band broadband are low cost advantages. Nb-iot chip is small in size and low in cost, which is suitable for loading in water meter, reducing enterprise cost and pursuing greater profits.


Not only that, nb-iot IOT water meter can also collect data, apply big data processing, and more convenient and perfect services. For example, the big data returned by nb-iot technology to each node of the pipe network can not only analyze the operation status of the water supply system, timely find out various problems of tap water in production, distribution, operation, water pressure and water quality, so as to more targeted and scientific dynamic management, improve the efficiency and service level of urban water management, but also further analyze the different groups of Water use habits, so as to guide the construction and transformation of water supply network more scientific and reasonable.


For ordinary people, the intelligent water service of Nb IOT technology means real convenience and security. First of all, smart water saves ordinary users the trouble of monthly meter reading, and the monthly data of water meter will be automatically uploaded to the database; second, users can pay for water through mobile app or network, and view their own water information at any time; at the same time, users can also view the water pressure, water quality and other information of the water supply network, so as to use tap water more safely.


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