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New type of water meter--NB-IoT water meter

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The NB-IOT water meter collects water meter data remotely through the cellular network. This saves manpower and reduces the cost of manual meter reading.

Due to the difficulties of real-time monitoring, complex construction, high cost, and poor communication stability in traditional smart water meter reading. The emergence of NB-IoT narrowband IoT technology will fundamentally change this situation. NB-IoT-based technology has the characteristics of wide coverage, high reliability, high security, low cost, and low power consumption. In the field of smart water meters, it is very important not only to reduce the cost of meter reading, but also to realize the intelligent and big data management of water meter management.

NB-IOT water meter technical features

Structural design using non-magnetic signal acquisition technology. It has the functions of water volume measurement, flow measurement, water flow direction judgment, ambient temperature detection, data storage and remote transmission. Remote valve control and management can be achieved.

Change the mechanical chronograph of a traditional mechanical watch to an independent impeller. Achieve long life; adopt hardware self-scanning technology to easily realize the ideal low power consumption mode of "no water and no electricity".

NB-IOT water meter product advantages

Ambient temperature detection: It has the function of ambient temperature detection. An antifreeze warning is automatically issued in low temperature environments.

Remote valve control: Support remote valve control management function. Support prepaid and stepped water price billing management functions.

Strong anti-magnetic interference: The signal is picked up in a non-magnetic way, which can resist the interference of foreign magnetic substances and rust.

High protection level: using internal and external isobaric technology and double-layer glue filling technology. The electronic circuit part is completely isolated from water vapor, and the whole machine can reach the IP68 protection level.

Intelligent platform: Real-time detection with intelligent platform to realize the functions of remote water meter running status self-inspection, data analysis, remote valve control and other functions.



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