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Precautions for large-caliber water meters

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In the city's building water supply pipe network, large-caliber water meters are often used as water supply total meters. Regarding the precautions for the use of large-caliber water meters, SH-METERS summarizes the following points. Now I will share these with you, hope it will be helpful to everyone .

Different from the small-caliber water meter, the large-caliber water meter is more important, so you should pay attention to it when using it, and it needs regular maintenance:

1. Due to the serious decline in water quality, after the water company has used a large-caliber water meter for a period of time, the inside of the water meter must be cleaned or cleaned, otherwise the inside of the water meter will be blocked by some sediment or impurities after a long time, causing the water meter to fail Normal use.

2. The service life of a large-caliber water meter may be much worse than that of a small-mouth water meter. Why do you say that? The main reason is that the internal results of the large-caliber water meter are relatively loose, and the diameter of the water meter is relatively large, and the quality of the water flowing through is much worse than that of the general small-mouth water, so we need to replace the water meter regularly.

3. Small-caliber and large-caliber water meters each have their own advantages, but a function of large-caliber water meters is to install in the main pipeline and play a summary role. The figure should be compared with the sum of the water usage fee of each household, so as to avoid inconsistencies in the water fee and cause inconvenience between the customer and the water company.


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