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Prepaid water meter advantage

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Prepaid water meter advantage:

1. Convenient charging, which can realize pay first and then use water .

2. master the core technology, can OEM a charging system tailored to achieve software docking.

3. software advantages: a, can be customized services according to customer needs: change the language, currency unit display. b, low balance alarm. c, Can be set and achieve multi tariff. d. The data can be saved automatically after exiting the software. e Easy installation: the software can be installed after decompression.

4. High-precision water measurement can be achieved, effectively reducing waste of water resources.

5. We can provide different alarm systems according to market demand.

6. We provide specialized after-sales service. If the product has problems such as valve failure and dead battery, you can contact us.

7. The internal motor of the water meter adopts silicon gel waterproof treatment. The tight seal is not easy to enter the water, and it can still work normally in extreme scenarios.

8. The battery adopts China's first-line brand, the battery capacity is large, can guarantee to work for more than 6 years.

9. The RF meter inside the water meter has the advantages of data processing and security certification.

10. The brass valve is installed inside the water meter, and it is not easy to block the internal cleaning once a month.


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