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Record S.H.Meters Tiejun's trip to Africa - if there is a war, the sword must be drawn!

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Record S.H.Meters Tiejun's trip to Africa - if there is a war, the sword must be drawn!

On June 4, 2023, after several days of careful preparation, three of our S.H.Meters colleagues set off from Beijing.

During this trip, they will fly to the remote African continent, travel to many countries, and carry out several days of market research and customer return visits. In the three years of the epidemic, we have lost too much, and now, we have to redouble our efforts to regain it. With full luggage (mainly samples and samples), full of expectations, and the blessings and entrustments of family members and colleagues, we set off.


First of all, I would like to thank customers, partners and friends in Africa for providing a lot of support and help for our team on this trip. Take our team to apply for local mobile phone cards, find hotels, exchange foreign exchange, and recommend network resources to us. This also confirms the old Chinese saying, "It's easy to travel when you have many friends."

I believe that on the basis of adhering to our core values of "sincerity, altruism, and innovation", S.H.Meters will have more partners, friends and friends to join our ecosystem in the future. With everyone's support and trust, S.H.Meters will grow more and more the better.

This time, we had the honor to visit the senior leaders of the water affairs departments in many places, and carefully conducted market research and product promotion to them, which provided us with a lot of ideas for the development and promotion of intelligent water metering solutions suitable for African localities based on customer needs in the future. .

Africa's population is growing rapidly and its infrastructure is weak. Deaths from malaria caused by drinking water safety issues are common every year. How to make more people use clean and hygienic water requires more attention from organizations and companies.


Since its inception, S.H.Meters has established the corporate mission of "accurately measuring the value of every drop of water", unswervingly determined its development path, insisted on being customer-centered, and committed to making more people use it through scientific water measurement. clean, hygienic water.

At the same time, we conducted a return visit to the customers in cooperation. Customers have given high praise to our brand S.H.Meters, whether it is from the detection pass rate of our high-precision water meters, the stability of smart water meters, or from the delivery time, packaging and after-sales service. affim. These pertinent suggestions and affirmations have given our young team more responsibility and thinking. With vision and hope for the future, we are full of confidence and harvest.


Through this visit and trip, we have also realized more deeply that we must go among customers in order to be a good customer and serve customers well. Through sufficient market research and after-sales service return visits, we can know where we are from the real needs of customers. These are the inexhaustible sources of motivation for our team to grow continuously and the brand to gradually mature.

From the customer, to the customer, always put the customer's needs in the first step, this is the eternal foundation of our enterprise.

Thanks again to the three colleagues in our local push team, who worked tirelessly for several days, just to better achieve the corporate mission. If there is a battle, the sword must be bright. This journey is full of sacrifices, gains, happiness, and growth. Go out, the world is very different. With such a good team, such a good customer and market base, we are full of confidence.


I look forward to the triumphant return of our colleagues in the African promotion team as soon as possible, and wish the young team to fly higher and farther. Let us uphold the vision of "being the leader of water measurement going to sea", continue to move forward, and never stop.


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