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Record the daily quality inspection of S.H.Meters - "Striving for excellence, quality comes from concentration"

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In the current fierce market competition, quality inspection has become an indispensable part of enterprises, and its purpose is to ensure product quality and service quality. Since its establishment, S.H.Meters has always attached great importance to quality inspection work, actively promoted quality management work, and laid a solid quality foundation for the development of the enterprise. In order to ensure product quality and maintain customer satisfaction, S.H.Meters quality inspectors conduct routine inspections of our workshops every week.

The product inspected this time is a copper-cased multi-jet water meter. Our quality inspectors conduct a high rate of spot checks on the overall appearance of the water meter as well as the size and proportions of the water meter. We found that the overall shape of the water meter is smooth and natural, the surface is smooth and clean, and there are no obvious scratches or flaws. Secondly, observing the size and proportion of the water meter, you can find that the sizes of each part are reasonable and the proportions are coordinated. We firmly believe that quality is the life of an enterprise. Only by continuously improving product quality and after-sales service can we win the trust and support of customers.

 After the visual inspection, we randomly tested the performance of the water meter and found that our water meter operates stably, has high accuracy, responds quickly, and transmits data accurately and reliably. Parts of the production process were also inspected. The workers are extremely skilled in their operations, and every link is carefully paid attention to and strictly managed.

This inspection gave us more confidence in our products and laid a solid foundation for future project cooperation. We always keep in mind the values of S.H.Meters: sincerity, altruism and innovation. We attach great importance to quality inspection work. Through effective quality management systems, quality monitoring and continuous innovation, we ensure that our products meet national standards and customer needs when they leave the factory. We are deeply favored by customers. Trust and support. We will continue to pay close attention to and strictly control product quality to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise and win-win results for customers!


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