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S.H.Meters-- Go to Dubai Exhibition

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     From December 5 to 8, 2022, the three-day exhibition has been successfully concluded. At the time of the most severe epidemic in China, S.H.Meters still insisted on going to sea, becoming the first group of companies to go out in Hebei in recent two years, and also received reports from Hebei News Network and other major media.

     On the day of departure, there were three people, six suitcases and three backpacks. When we were still panicking about the domestic epidemic and closed down, they had successfully arrived in Guangzhou to meet and embark on the journey of going abroad to participate in the exhibition.

     All the encounters are long goodbye reunions. Looking back at the exhibition site, the flow of exhibitors kept coming and going. We received many old customers who had cooperated for many years but had not seen each other, as well as many new customers we had just met. We were really excited and touched by the full sincerity of our customers and the international friendship. Thank you for your coming from afar and your recognition of us.

     This exhibition gives us the greatest insight that we should continue to make public praise, do a good job in products, and be in the hearts of customers. Adhering to our quality, adhering to our service, and the recognition and affirmation of today's customers are the driving force that constantly pushes us forward.

     Our team helped to complete the exhibition task successfully. The road ahead is long and difficult, but we are not afraid of it. With the trust of customers and such a united and positive team, we will be able to complete the company's mission.

     In the future, S.H.Meters will continue to invest in R&D and innovation, establish a high standard R&D laboratory, and continue to develop and expand our R&D team. It is believed that S.H.Meters will soon transition from sales driven to R&D driven.

     S.H.Meters can only do better and better to provide more cost-effective water metering solutions for more countries, especially poor and backward regions and developing countries. It adheres to our mission to measure the value of each drop of water with high accuracy, so that these developing countries and less developed countries can use affordable water meters, reduce the use cost of water resources, reduce management costs, and let more people have access to clean and sanitary direct drinking water.

     Finally, thank the customers, thank the team, and thank all the small partners for their efforts to ensure our travel!


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