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SH-METERS'S Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Feature No.2

The accuracy of ultrasonic water meters is higher

Ultrasonic water meter could device to two types by sizes, Domestic type & Flange end Industrial type, the accuracy of Domestic type could reach R200, Industrial Flange end type could achieve R250, even could achieve R400.

For mechanical water meters the accuracy usually are R50, R80, some of them could reach R160.

Obviously, the accuracy of ultrasonic water meter is way much higher, it could help the accurate measurement, Almost could measure every drop of water. When this meter install at the end of main pipeline, it can catch the water consumption which mechanical water meter can not read, improve the profit of NRW.

Feature No.3

The Industrial ultrasonic water meter could achieve both positive and negative directions measurement;

It is more convenience to be used in some complicated pipe network.


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