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SH-METERS'S Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Our ultrasonbic water meter size range is from DN15 to DN300, 

DN15 to DN40 is Screw end,

DN50 to DN300 is Flange end. 

Meter Function

#1. Temperature Detect 

#2. Flow rate support 

#3. Positive and Negative two way detection 

#4. Past 18 or 24 month monthly flow totaly histroical data support 

#5. RS485 or M-BUS output

Meter Feture

Feature No.1

The shell structure between ultrasonic water meter and traditional mechanical water meter is different.

As we all know, the Mechanical water meters counted by the movement mechanism, there will have a vane wheel or turbine wheel like this, so the life span and accuracy of the mechanical water meter will decrease along with the increase of water meter working time.

But for ultrasonic water meter is different, there is no wearing part inside, you can see it's empty in the water meter chamber,  it extends the water meter working life and makes the water flow go through the water meter easier.


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