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SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. has been established!

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SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. has been established!

Since its establishment in 2013, HEBEI SHANGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to providing excellent water metering solutions and high-sensitivity water meters to water authorities in overseas markets. With the continuous deepening and development of the market, especially the in-depth understanding of government water management departments in less developed countries and developing countries, we increasingly find that in addition to independent production and continuous improvement of water meter quality and accuracy, There is also a need to increase research and development of smart water solutions. Different countries and regions have different water management logic, meter usage and charging habits, as well as different networks and working environments. In order to better provide professional services, S.H.Meters needs to further increase market research and collaborate with local water management departments and local water meter manufacturers to jointly develop and manufacture more customized and intelligent water solutions and high-precision water meters.

Under such market demand and background, HEBEI SHANGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. invested in the establishment of SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. on May 8, 2023. The new company will focus more on the R&D, production and manufacturing of smart meters and ultrasonic water meters for overseas markets. This strategic decision will allow S.H.Meters to provide more abundant, localized and customized water metering solutions and high-sensitivity water meters for overseas water management departments.

SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. will focus on the development of high-sensitivity (R400) ultrasonic water meters and more intelligent Iot water meters. Communication methods include but not limited to (Nb-Iot, Lora, lorawan, GPRS) and water management systems. This will provide global terminal water management departments with more accurate and efficient water metering solutions, helping to better manage and maintain water resources.

In addition, the new company will also introduce more diversified payment methods and data collection methods for water management systems to meet the needs of different countries and regions, and provides more convenient water bills and a convenient payment experience to people in more countries and regions around the world. Especially people in less developed areas and developing countries will have access to more convenient, cleaner and cheaper water.

The establishment of SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. marks HEBEI SHANGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.’s ambition in the water metering industry and also demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and global cooperation. The company looks forward to working with international partners in the future to provide excellent water metering solutions to water management departments and end users in more regions, and jointly promote the sustainable development of water resources management.

We are looking forward to the future development of SHONGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY (Jiangsu) CO.,LTD. and believe that it will bring new opportunities and breakthroughs to the global water metering field and contribute to the sustainable utilization of water resources.



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