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Simple introduction of GPRS smart water meter

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The GPRS smart water meter system consists of a GPRS water meter, a SIM card and an operation management platform (web version). A GPRS (2G) SIM card needs to be installed in the water meter. The water meter sends the data to the operating platform through the GPRS network, and the colleague operating platform can also send the switch valve command to the water meter. Managers can monitor the water consumption of water meters anytime, anywhere.


1. One meter with one sim card, wireless remote water meter, remote data reading and control anytime and anywhere; Can realize data docking and send the reading and control functions of our water meter to the customer's platform;

2. No installation distance limit;

3. IP68 waterproof grade;

4. Sleep at ordinary times. Only when it reaches the online time, it will be online for 30s to ensure the battery life;

5. Simple installation and debugging;

6. The battery can be replaced (pluggable)


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