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Smart IC card prepaid water meter

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1. From the user's point of view, the use of smart IC card water meter should be simple and clear.

in fact, the use of smart IC card water meter is also very simple. The user's use of smart IC card water meter is to pay for water and insert (or sense) an IC card into the water meter. In order to facilitate the use of users, the LCD display of smart IC card water meter should be equipped with a variety of prompt symbols, and has humanized prompt function, such as friendly voice prompt function. Some water meters already have such function, so it should be widely used. In addition, the smart IC card water meter should have the characteristics of beautiful appearance and beautifying the home. Of course, there should also be some firmness. It is better to set the alarm amount. The advantage of setting alarm amount is to prompt users to buy water, so as to prevent water cut-off during holidays. In this way, it can help users arrange the time of purchasing water reasonably, so as not to delay the normal use of water.


2. From the perspective of protection and security

1) Valve timing opening and closing function. Regular opening and closing of the valve is conducive to the long-term normal operation of the valve.

2) Anti magnetic interference function. Magnetic materials are widely used because of their low cost. But magnetic materials are easy to be disturbed, so it should be considered. When the smart IC card water meter encounters the interference of magnetic material, it should close the valve. The closing time and opening time can be set according to the needs. Of course, we can also solve this problem by using non-magnetic signal.

3) Card seat anti attack protection function. When someone inserts a metal destructive card into the card holder, it shall not affect the normal use of the water meter, including power consumption.

4) Power down automatic data protection function. After power down, the data can still be saved. When the power supply is restored, the data is automatically restored.

5) Function of automatic shutdown system for under power. When the battery voltage or battery capacity falls to the specified value, it means that the battery may be running out of power. At this time, the water meter shall automatically close the valve and make the system sleep, and display the corresponding information and prompt.

6) Anti disassembly function. Lead sealing should be set on the meter body and joint pipe fittings, and anti-counterfeiting lead sealing can be carried out to prevent the behavior of dismantling the water meter at will.

Of course, other functions can be set according to needs. From a technical point of view, smart IC card water meter can set many functions.


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