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Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter

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How to strengthen water meter management and improve the level of modern management? This is a problem that has always been a difficult point for water supply companies. Moreover, the water meter reading obviously does not meet the requirements. Once the user is outdoors, the management staff will delay the water bill recording.

Due to the wide distribution and long distance of large-caliber water meters, some points are still remote. When manual meter reading is used, the water company often sends a special vehicle to read the meter. The management cost is high, and it can only be copied once every half month. If a large meter is used for real-time monitoring, only a small amount of traffic is required per month. The admin can grasp the dynamic data of large meter users at any time, reduce workload and improve meter reading efficiency.

Ultrasonic large-caliber water meter + DTU equipment + pressure sensor. Through the real-time monitoring of the 2G network, we can dynamically grasp the running status of the water meter, analyze and count the user's water consumption, grasp the law of water use, and deal with abnormal water consumption in time. It is possible to further understand the operation of the entire pipeline network and achieve the purpose of monitoring leakage from a certain angle.

Therefore, the ultrasonic water meter is installed on the main pipeline with high precision. And the data can be stored on the cloud platform. If you need smart metering solutions, please contact SH METERS.

Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter


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