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The Advantages of IC card prepaid water meter

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Compare with truditional mechanical water meter the advantages of IC card prepaid water meters are:

The use of IC card prepaid water meters can bring a lot of convenience to water supply management departments and water users, and can provide basic technical support for the modernization of traditional water supply management models. Compared with the traditional water meter, the use of smart IC card water meter technology can bring many new changes.


1. For the water supply department, a water management model that pays fees before supplying water can be realized, which will help solve the problem of arrears in water fees.


2. Changed the mode of household meter reading and charging. The adoption of smart IC card water meters and its management system will fundamentally change the mode in which water supply departments send people to meter reading for thousands of households. As long as the water supply department reasonably sets up the payment agency, it will basically not cause users trouble. With the cooperation of the financial system, the cost of distribution can also be reduced. Therefore, the large-scale adoption of smart IC card water meter technology will significantly help reduce the management cost of the water supply sector. With the IC card for transaction settlement, users can independently decide the time and amount of payment, which increases the user's autonomy. Especially with the increase of people's awareness of family security and privacy, the practice of entering private households such as meter reading and door-to-door charges will gradually become unpopular. This is a social development trend that must be paid attention to.


3. It can effectively solve some technical problems. For example, with the shortage of water resources, more complex water management models such as over-planned water prices and stepped water prices will be gradually implemented. These, RF card IC card prepaid water meters, all have higher technical requirements for water meter transactions. Using smart IC card water meters will easily solve these problems.


4. With the development of science and technology, the water supply industry also needs to gradually implement high-tech means of water supply management; the use of smart IC card water meters will lay a technical foundation for modern management using computer technology.


5. Smart IC card water meter has other advantages, such as can effectively solve the problem of measurement peeling, water disputes, human water use, water statistics difficulties.


6. Compared with remote meter reading systems, smart IC card water meters have the advantage of low use and maintenance costs, and there is no confusion caused by wiring and high failure rates.


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