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​The Features of Lora Water Meter

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The Lora water meter can realize remote monitoring, data collection and transmission, meter reading, automatic statistics and other functions. The infinite transmission function of the Lora water meter makes its usage very wide. It can be used in new housing, old community reconstruction, shantytown reconstruction, urban and rural water supply, urban road greening, farmland irrigation, railway train water supply, etc.Besides,Lora water meter is suitable for intensive installation environment. The administrator can check the flow data in their office.


The features of Lora water meter are as follows:

1. Long wireless communication distance

The Lora water meter adopts low-power wide area network Lora wireless spread spectrum communication technology, which has long transmission distance and strong penetrating power.

2. Wireless road laying, easy maintenance

Wireless communication is adopted between the water meter, repeater and concentrator, no wiring is required, on-site construction is simple, and subsequent maintenance is convenient.

3. Low wireless power consumption

Lora water meter adopts a single wake-up single reading mechanism, which effectively reduces the power consumption of meter reading, and is equipped with a large-capacity battery, which can guarantee a service life of 6 years or more under normal meter reading frequency.

4. Abnormal alarm

When the remote water meter has low battery and the sensor fails, it will actively upload the fault alarm to the meter reading platform.

5. High success rate of meter reading

The Lora wireless remote water meter can realize remote meter reading, and the concentrator adopts an automatic supplementary reading mechanism, which ensures a high success rate of meter reading.


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