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The Prospect of Ultrasonic Water Meter in Irrigation Field

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-31      Origin: Site

Ultrasonic water meters are widely used because of their high accuracy, low power consumption, wide measurement range ratio, stability and reliability. In recent years, in the field of irrigation, there are also more and more projects starting to use ultrasonic water meters, because its functional characteristics match well with irrigation requirements and working environment.


1.      Good waterproof performance IP68, adapt to weather such as rain and snow for outdoor work

2.      The measurement accuracy is high, which meets the requirements of precise automatic irrigation measurement.

3.      The battery provides ground and wireless transmission, which is very convenient for installation and operation.

4.Data storage function, data can be stored for 18 months, conforming to the requirements of the big data era

Good products can stand the test of time and market. Nowadays, ultrasonic water meters are more and more accepted and recognized by the market. I believe that there will be broad market prospects in the future.


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