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The advantages of NB-IoT wireless water meters are mainly reflected in these aspects!

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Nb-iot wireless water meter is an end-to-end industry solution built around the refined operation and management needs of water companies. The water meter is built according to the system architecture of end, pipe and cloud. From bottom to top, it is divided into terminal layer, network layer, IOT platform and water application layer. Through Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, all levels are integrated to meet future needs.

The main program of nb-iot wireless water meter concentrator is composed of data collection, data transmission, data reception, timing, low power consumption operation and other main functions. After the system is powered on, the initialization is carried out first. After the initialization is completed, the main controller is awakened, and the collected table number, table reading and system time are stored in flash. After the concentrator uploads the operation status data and water meter data, the main controller uploads an instruction to the cloud platform, and the cloud platform will notify the application management platform by subscription after receiving the data.

Nb-iot wireless water meter can stably transmit the collected water meter data and the state information such as the temperature and humidity of the concentrator to the application management system to realize long-distance transmission. When the concentrator is located in the location of the building with poor signal, the system can also ensure the stability of communication. It can better solve the problems of the traditional water meter reading system, such as short transmission distance, small coverage, weak penetration, poor data transmission stability, and has strong practicality. Once the system is applied to the water supply industry, it can realize real-time monitoring and intelligent management of water meter data by water supply companies.

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