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The characteristics of water meter body material

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In our daily life, water is indispensable, so when it comes to water resources, let’s talk about water meters. Today, SH-MECH will show you the characteristics of various water meter body materials.


1. Cast iron water meter body:

--The price is cheap, the strength is high, and the toughness is good. However, whether it is gray cast iron or ductile iron, the forming process is more complicated, and corrosion and rust will cause secondary pollution.




2. Brass water meter body:

--The main advantages are its excellent mechanical properties and simple manufacturing process. The molding process of the brass shell is the same as that of the cast iron shell, but it is easier to process.


3. Plastic water meter body:

--Generally, there are problems such as low mechanical strength, poor rigidity, easy aging, cold brittleness and creep, but the product is low in cost, easy to manufacture, non-toxic, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, no structural dust, light weight, healthy and environmentally friendly.


4. Stainless steel water meter body:

--Has good mechanical properties, acid and alkali resistance. In high and low temperature environment, secondary pollution and environmental protection environment, there is no corrosion and exudation.




Well, the water meter body materials are basically these types. If you have any questions, please consult us freely,info@sh-mech.com.


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