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The difference between multi-jet and single-jet rotor water meters

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Rotor-type water meters can be mainly divided into two types: multi-beam and single-beam. Many friends cannot distinguish between the two when purchasing, and do not know the difference between the two. In fact, the two have similarities and differences. In terms of structure, volume, weight and price, there is little difference between the two. The obvious difference between the two is the main components used.



The following is the difference between multi-beam and single-beam rotor water meters:

1. Case. Single-flow water meters are usually not equipped with gearboxes and impeller boxes, so some functions need to be borne by the watch case. For example, after the inner hole in the upper part of the case needs to match the counter, some functions of the gear box are not needed. Therefore, in terms of processing accuracy, the processing requirements of the case of a single-flow water meter are much higher than those of a multi-flow water meter.

2. Adjust the plate. Single-flow water meters can only be adjusted internally, not externally. If you want to adjust the error, it can only be done by replacing the three adjustment plates under the counter.

3. Descend to the top. The material used on the top of a single-flow meter is more wear-resistant than a multi-flow meter. Because the impeller rotates at high speed, the thrust is perpendicular to the tangential direction of the water flow. And the single side of the jacket is prone to wear and tear under the influence of a long time.

4. Water filter. Because the single-flow water meter has relatively high requirements on the flow field and water quality, the water filter used in the water meter is spherical and has many small holes. Block the channel of impurities in the water to ensure the accuracy of the water meter measurement.

While multi-beam and single-beam rotor water meters look similar, the case, adjustment plate, lower top, and water filter used by the two are different.


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