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The importance of water meters for irrigation

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Why do we need to use a water meter in the field of irrigation? Today we will talk about this question.

First of all, with the development of science and technology and social progress, agricultural management methods have also changed. Many scientific methods are used to help reduce costs and increase yields. As an important part of agriculture, irrigation has gradually developed into automated irrigation and precision drip irrigation. It needs proper watering, so you need a measuring tool--water meter

At present, woltman mechanical water meters are more commonly used, which are easy to install and low in cost, which basically meets the irrigation requirements. However, in the past two years, with the increase in measurement accuracy requirements, a new product--ultrasonic irrigation water meter, has appeared, which has more accurate and more intelligent measurement.

In the era of technological development, people and crops can enjoy the convenience brought by technology. Water meters and other technological products make our world a better place.


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